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Hot sales Continuous casting machine

  Steel Billet Continuous Casting Machine with the size in 60mm-150mm

The billet continuous casting machine can be designed as curved and vertical-bend according to the users requirements. It can cast carbon steel, alloy steel and special steel, such as stainless steel. Automatic hydraulic control, automatic secondary cooling water distribution, compressed air-water cooling system. Technical support, design, feasibility report, manufacturing, erection and commissioning, cooperate with special institution, and our own engineer team, we do not only export the machinery, but also run the factory.

Steel Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

We can design and manufacture the up-to-date billet continuous casting machine in accordance with the user’s steel making capacity, billet size, steel grades and the user’s field conditions. This CCM can product rounds in size of Φ 80-320mm.
Tailor-made specification, factory area, foundation, and capacity, we follow your require-ments the line can be designed as curved and vertical- bend according to the Users requirements.

1. Application of CCM

Casting square billet: 60/70/80/100/120/150 mm2
Casting round billet: 80 to 200 mm2
Casting rectangle billet: 120-200 x 240-600 mm2
Casting slab: 150/180/200/240 mm in thickness, 1000-2500 mm i
n width

2. Productivity of CCM

Annual output 30,000 to 800,000 tons

3. Model of typical CCM

R 2.5/3.55.25/6/6.5/7/8/9/10/12; 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10 strand

Just need a small floor space and operating easily.2)Compact structure, can be installed through hanging the whole machine.3) Easy installation and needs less time. Low requirements for operators.


It can be used to casting low carbon, medium carbon, high carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

1. Ladle turret
2. Tundish car
3. Tundish
4. Crystallizer
5. Secondary cooling zone
6. Vibration table
7. Piping for water system
8. Pneumatic straightener
9. Hydraulic system

10. Dummy bar storing device
11. Tundish on-line baking device
12. Tail billet pinch roller
13. Transfer table
14. Flame cutting machine
15. Hydraulic shear
16. Billet delivery roller and cooling bed
17. Billet moving device
18. Tilting gear

1. Strip plate mould of the entirety copper-tube mode which is simple and low cost.
2. High-frequency and small-swing plate spring vibration, the depth of vibration mark is under 0.2mm.
3. The simplified billet guiding device is low cost and easy maintenance.
4. Five-roller and four-drive straightening machine is of the large straightening.
5. Auxiliary straightening machine can re-straighten the billet in emergency.
6. Stainless steel cutting machine can cut-to-length accurately.
7. The coping rate in the surface is less than 5%.
8. Computer and PLC system
9. Tundish roaster



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