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Electric arc furnace(EAF)
Product Description

Electric arc furnace is use of electrode arc generated by high-temperature melting ore and metal, gas discharge arcing when the energy is concentrated, the arc temperature is 3000 degrees or more. For the melting metal, compared with other steel-making furnaces, EAF process is most flexibility, can effectively remove the sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities, temperature easy to control, small footprint, suitable for high-quality alloy steel smelting.


With scrap and sponge iron as raw materials,  for smelting of high quality carbon steel.
Steelmaking workshop has 2 sets of 30 tons of electric arc furnace, smelting cycle 90 minutes, two electric arc furnace alternately smelting, providing 30 tons of molten steel to the LF furnace every 45 minutes. LF furnace with dual car layout, smelting cycle 40 minutes.



Electrode arm and lifting device

Use copper-steel compound conductive arm, whole water cooled structure, 3 copper-steel compound conductive arms are box type and use forced water cooled system, to ensure enough thermal intensity and rigidity.

Electrode lifting device including electrode arm and column device, arm consist of 3 sets of copper-steel compound conductive arm and 3 sets of electrode holder and 3 pcs of electrode clamping and releasing mechanism.

Furnace Body

The furnace is composed by upper shell, lower shell, door mechanism, eccentric bottom tapping mechanism and plate type water cooled furnace wall.


Furnace roof.

Upper shell is frame structure welded with seamless steel pipe, water-cooled furnace wall installed in the frame. oxygen lance installed on upper shell, and located at cool area side of EBT cover, fixing support for lances installation is located outside of furnace shell, easy to replace and adjustment.

Heavy current circuit

Heavy current circuit is installed at the outlet of secondary side of transformer. 
It consists of flexible compensator, through wall copper pipe, big cross section water cooled cable, conductive arm and graphite electrode etc. The application for flexible compensator between the head of copper pipe and the secondary side out copper pipe will eliminate thermal expansion and the effect to fixed parts. The stainless steel frame for stand of copper, water cooled cable and isolation liner are to be applied.


Hydraulic system

Considering high hydraulic working pressure, and to set automation circulation cooling system for medium, the medium in oil tank will cooled by the heat exchanger. It will return to the oil tank to ensure the situation of normal working of hydraulic system.

Electrical equipment

Composed of high voltage system, EAF transformer, reactor, low voltage system and basic automatic, and low voltage system is EIC control system with electrical control, meter, computer control



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